Why Us

Why choose Convert-It?
Other similar products claim to be free but they install lots of junk and spyware on your computer which monitors where you go on the internet and makes your computer slow down and even crash.
Don't believe it, it's not free, they make money from this junk being installed, sometimes a lot of money. Other products don't provide a real trial version but a version that is crippled so you need to purchase the software before you can really try it out.
Our philosophy is simple: No junk, no spyware, try out the "complete" non crippled software for a couple of days and if you like it pay just a few dollars to support us and future updates.
We designed and developed our software for ourselves as seasoned IT professionals and are now allowing others to benefit from it. We also listen to feedback and constantly try to improve the software.
We are a genuine honest and ethical company and wish to provide you with a constantly improving quality product at a good price. That is why unlike other providers we provide our full contact details and a public support forum not just a single email address or form.