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Convert-It 2.12
11th April, 2023

- Some specific libraries for 64 bit Windows.

- Multiple instances of image converter and video converter can be run at the same time.

Convert-It 2.10
8th April, 2023

- Adds skip existing files option to Image Converter.

- Adds A.I. 4 x upscale feature to Image Converter.

- In case you missed it - Convert-It is now free software.

Convert-It 2.00
22nd October, 2022

- Convert-It is now free. You can support me if you like by donating here:


- Fixes where debugging code forced screen recorder to stop recording after 3 minutes.

- Fixes image converter failing on some big images.

- Image converter now uses opipng at maximum settings rather than pgcrush. Resulting in smaller pngs every time.


Download and use for free here:


Convert-It 1.92
24th March, 2021

- Fixes clicking sound in screen recorder.

Convert-It 1.90
16th January, 2021

- Fixes CDG frame rate.
- For CDG Upscale 4x uses pixel art upscaling.
- For normal resize uses nearest neighbour integer scaling


Convert-It 1.80
15th January, 2021

- Fixes crash in audio converter

- Now converts corresponding MP3 file for Karaoke CDG conversion.

Convert-It 1.70
8th November, 2020

- Image Converter adds WEBP support
- Image Converter adds 16 bit and HDR support
- Video Converter adds conversion to WEBP and APNG
- Video Converter supports converting MNG and with accompanying MP3 file.

Convert-It 1.60
26th October, 2020

New application included in the suite.

Convert-It Screen Recorder.

Video upscaling
3rd August, 2020

Some examples of videos upscaled with Convert-It video converter.




Convert-It 1.51
31st July, 2020

I finally found fairly reasonable settings for smooth motion (FFMPEG minterpolate) that don't take unacceptable amounts of times.

Convert-It 1.50
29th July, 2020

- New deep learning 4x video upscale option (RealSR) producing incredible results.

- The anime upscaler waifu2x-caffe has been renamed to correctly show it is mainly for anime.

- New upscaling denoise option (TTA) to remove artificates after using the upscalers.

- The smooth framerate option now does extensive processing. This makes it very slow but it now produces excellent results.

- The upscaling options do require very good hardware and big videos can take weeks to process. However, the results are incredible.

- These are not simply scaling videos. They use AI and deep learning using the power of GPU's

Convert-It 1.41 released
2nd July, 2020

Radio no longer requires elevated user permissions.

Convert-It 1.40 released
1st July, 2020

Video converter adds high quality upscaling provided by waifu2x and smooth mode frame rate interpolation.

Convert-It 1.37 released
21st April, 2020

- Adds MP4 NVidia HEVC video encoding.

Convert-It 1.36 released
20th February, 2018

Adds MP4 Nvidia hardware encoding.

Convert-It 1.34 released
3rd September, 2016

- Adds h264 conversion to AVI
- Adds h265 conversion to MKV

Convert-It 1.33 released
9th August, 2016

This release adds h265 encoding to the video converter.

Now fully mobile friendly
16th March, 2015 is now a fully mobile friendly site. Convert your media files on the go.

Convert-It 1.31 released
22nd December, 2014

Updates to video converter.

- Adds volume normalization option

- Output to JPEG images

- Output to PNG images

Convert-It 1.3 released
20th December, 2014

Convert-It version 1.3 released.

Adds the ability to trim audio and video files from start and end within the audio and video converters.

Adds encoding to ogg audio by bit rate in addition to the existing quality method.

Convert-It 1.2 released
30th November, 2014

Initial public release of the Convert-It software suite.